一、Vocabulary and Structure:(本题共10小题,每题1分,共10.0分)
  1.It is not decided________the conference will be held.
    A 、what
    B 、which
    C 、when
    D 、that
  2._______Tom has done really amazed everyone in his class.
    A 、What
    B 、which
    C 、That
    D 、Who
  3.I've got the order from the boss that the work_________ finished before 5 P.m.today.
    A 、would be
    B 、be
    C 、will have been
    D 、could be
  4.When you____ how Bob better, you will like him.
    A 、go to
    B 、got to
    C 、went to
    D 、get to
  5.She________ everything else and concentrated On the task before her.
    A 、set off
    B 、set back
    C 、set aside
    D 、set up
  6.m conclusion from the study is not definite;it is just_______.
    A 、tentative
    B 、valid
    C 、technical
    D 、thorough
  7.Don’t trust every __________you have read in the newspapers .
    A 、which
    B 、that
    C 、as
    D 、what
  8.If payment is not received, legal action will be our only_________.
    A 、aggression
    B 、advantage
    C 、alternative
    D 、ambition
  9.This is the first time that a woman has been to_______ the post.
    A 、granted
    B 、praised
    C 、pointed
    D 、appointed
  10.We_________go out to restaurants ,but mostly we eat at home.
    A 、occasionally
    B 、relatively
    C 、continually
    D 、absolutely
二、Cloze Test:(本题共1小题,共10.0分)
  1.We all believe that modem technology can make,life better because it makes everything.faster.But by ____11____ everything up, we suffer losses we have not yet learnt to know.Our day begins with speedy urges:the alarm rings and you jump ____12____ bed.You take a quick shower.Then you wake the kids and ____13____ them through breakfast So they won't miss the bus.At the dining table, you swallow some slices of bread with a cup of tea.When everything ____14____,you hurry to the car thinking of the thing you would buy form the supermarket on the way ____15____.
Driving 20 minutes in the busy traffic,you reach your workplace, rushing into the building and ____16____.Up the stairs three at a time, arriving at your desk with seconds to spare.You take ____17____ deep breaths.Then, you instantly remember that the ____18____ you didn’t finish last night must be faxed to Beijing by l0 o'clock in the morning.
Yet it seems that the ____19____ we go,the further we fall behind.Not only in the literal sense of not getting done what we set out to do, ____20____ at a deeper level.It has come to the point where my days feel like an Olympic marathon.

  (1)A.speeding B.setting C.waking D.looking
  (2)A.away from B.onto C.back on D.out of
  (3)A.back B.break C.rush D.sec
  (4)A.is done B.begins C.works D.is gone
  (5)A.to home B.home C.at home. D.from home
  (6)A.leaping B.walking C.driving D.moving
  (7)A.a great deal of B.a number of C.a lot of D.a couple of
  (8)A.subject B.project C.object D.inject
  (9)A.more B.slower C.faster D.less
  (10)A.but also B.as well C.too D.either
三、Reading Comprehension:(本题共3小题,共30.0分)
  1.A centuries-old tradition, illustrated in a modem children’S book, links the sweetness of honey with the joy of learning to read.
The grandpa held a jar of honey SO that all the family could see.He then dipped a spoon into it and put some honey on the cover of a small book.
The little girl had just turned five.
‘Stand up,little one,’he asked the girl Softly.‘I did this for your mother, your uncles,your older brother, and now you!’
Then, he handed the book to her.‘Taste!’
She touched the honey with her finger and put it into her mouth.
‘What’S that taste?’the grandma asked.
The little girt answered, ‘Sweet!’
Then all of the family said in a single voice,‘Yes,and so is knowledge,but knowledge is from the bee that made that.sweet honey, you have to go after it through the pages of a book!’
The little girl knew that the promise to read was at last hers.Soon she was going to learn to read.
This is the beginning of a profoundly moving children’S book entitled Thank You Mr. Falker. In this book,Patricia Potacco writes of her own passion to read inspired by the honey on the book.It wash’t until fifth grade that she met her beloved teacher who provided the help that she needed to finally unlock the magic of the written word.
Reading this book, we are in fact acquainted with 80me enduring traditions of child education that stress the importance of verbal capacity at a very early age.
The child learning to read is admitted into a collective memory by way of books.And with the printed words that are active with meaning,the child becomes acquainted with a common past which he or she renews,to a greater or lesser degree,in every reading.Much fits the author of the book Thank You,Mr.Falker puts it, Almost as if it were magic,or as if light poured into her brain ,the words and sentences started to take shape on the page as they never had before…And she understood the whole thing...Then she went into the riving loom and found the book on a shelf,the very book that her grandpa had shown her So many years ago.She spooned honey on the cover and tasted the sweetness...Then she held the book, honey and all,close to her chest.She could feel tears roll down her cheeks,but they weren’t tears of sadness—she was happy, So very happy.’’
  (1)The girl who tasted the honey on the book Was________.
    A 、nearly six years old
    B 、1essthanfiveyearsold
    C 、more than six years old
    D 、a little more than five years old
  (2)It Can be inferred from the passage that________.
    A 、the girl’s mother and uncles were g00d scholars
    B 、Mr.FalkerhelpedPatriciaPolaccowriteherb00kforchildren
    C 、the honey-on-the-book tradition has been practised for many generations
    D 、the girl who tasted the honey on the book writes the book Thank You,Mr.Falker
  (3)My book entitled Thank You,Mr.Falker is about________.
    A 、the early life of Mr.Falker
    B 、Polacco’S early experience with reading
    C 、the magic power of written words on children
    D 、how the honey on the book makes children feel happy
  (4)The main purpose of this passage is to________.
    A 、introduce a‘'profoundly moving'’children’s book
    B 、tell that children’S verbal capacity is very important
    C 、show that words are magic and they make children happy
    D 、show how the girl who tasted the honey on the book grew into a writer
  (5)The last paragragh implies that the happiness of the little girl came from ________
    A 、the honey she tasted
    B 、the ability to read books
    C 、the book her grandpa had shown her
    D 、the collective memory that accepted her
  2.It is often said that politeness costs nothing.In fact, it seems that a little more politeness could save businesses£5 billion every year.Frequently hearing the phrase‘'thank you'’or‘'well done'’means the same to staff as a modest pay rise.
Praise and encouragement also makes employees more likely to work hard and stay in their jobs.In this way the business companies can save the cost of finding new employees.A third of 1,000 workers surveyed by a consulting firm said they did not get thanked at all when they did well——and a further third said they were not thanked enough.In both cases ’staff said'. they felt undervalued,mearning they were less likely to exert themselves and were more likely to look for employment elsewhere.
The result of the survey shows that there would、be around£5.2 billion loss in productivity if the employees felt loss appreciated.According to the firm,praising staff has the same positive effect as a l percent pay rise—and works out much cheaper for bosses.Three out of four employees said that regular acknowledgement by their bosses was important to them, but only a quarter said they were actually given as much praise as they felt they needed.
The survey found that those in blue-collar and manual jobs were less likely to be given any recognition, for doing well.But it seems that they most need such praise.
In regional terms,Scottish staff felt most undervalued.Four out of ten workers said they were never thanked and eight out of ten said they would like more praise.However, workers in the North-east are less impressed by being praised by the boss,as only 69 per cent said they felt the need to be told“well done”regularly.Older employees and women need the most reassurance,according to psychologist Averil Leimon.She said that words of praise did more than creating a pleasant place to work-they could even promote profits.

  (1)The survey indicates that politeness could save businesses a huge amount of money every year because________.
    A 、politeness makes employees expect pay rise
    B 、politeness is less likely to make staff work harder
    C 、politeness helps employers find proper employees
    D 、politeness helps employers reduce the cost of staff employment
  (2)Workers doing well but not getting thanks from their bosses will probably________.
    A 、1eave for jobs elsewhere
    B 、work harder to get praise‰their bosses
    C 、exert themselves in their work to get pay rise
    D 、work harder to get encouragement from their bosses
  (3)According to the survey________of the employees believed they were Praised as much as expected.
    A 、25%
    B 、30%
    C 、40%
    D 、75%
  (4)The survey shows that those who do not pay much attention to praise are________.
    A 、staff from Scotland
    B 、workers in North-East
    C 、older and women employees
    D 、employees,of blue-collar and physical jobs
  (5)It can be concluded from the passage that________.
    A 、blue-collar employees are expecting more pay rise
    B 、pleasant workplace could promote business profits
    C 、pay rise is an important motivation for manual workers
    D 、words of praise could possibly increase business profits
  3.Parents can have a great impact 011 the development of their.Children’S creativity in art.But first, they have to know how.They may find the following advice interesting and instructive.
Encourage free drawing rather than coloring books.Coloring books stop the possibility of self-expression.A child may just enjoy colorful pictures and never learn how to express himself.As all art teacher says,“Children have a very powerful instinct to draw freely and roughly.Such practice makes them learn language easily.”In fact, a child expresses himself in rough drawing.This is the beginning of literacy and creativity.Also,parents should not teach their:kids‘'how'’to draw and they should not make their kids draw realistic.pictures to entertain themselves.Experience tells US that such teaching from the parents will discourage children ,making them think they can’t do it the“ right" way.
Competition and rewards should also be avoided in the process of artistic creation.A child’s natural instinct to create will disappear if he or she thinks about prize while drawing.
Parents should be role models for their kids.They should not say things like,“I can’t draw a staight line."instead, they should learn to say,“I love to create.” This teaches children that the process of creation is more important than the product.If Children See their parents drawing,cooking or building creatively, they will do the same.
Buy a notebook for your child to use every day.This can he a journal for making up stories,writing ideas and drawing pictures.Even the youngest child Can use it to draw freely and roughly, expressing himself.
Take your child to places that promote ideas and creativity.Art museums,science centers,libraries and children’S museums all are great places to see other people’s creativity.That will inspire children to make their own creations and inventions.
Give children choices and free time.Some of the hest ideas come from daydreaming and imagining.
In short,parents should allow their kids to have the freedom to invent for themselves.That means not always teaching and commanding.
  (1)T0 develop their artistic creativity,children should be encouraged to________.
    A 、draw freely and roughly
    B 、1eam to draw realistic pictures
    C 、know how to draw before they start
    D 、1earnto draw good pictures to get prizes
  (2)Parents are encouraged to be role models for their kids because_______.
    A 、parents love to create
    B 、parents can draw straight lines
    C 、children tend to follow their parents examples
    D 、children like the product of their parents’creativity
  (3)It can be inferred from the passage that in artistic creation
    A 、product is more important than process
    B 、process is more important than product
    C 、process and product are equally important
    D 、both process and product are unimportant
  (4)T0 be inspired by other people's creativity, children should
    A 、write ideas
    B 、make up stories
    C 、buy good notebooks
    D 、visit museums,libraries,and science centers
  (5)The main idea of this passage is that______
    A 、children should be encouraged to draw freely
    B 、children should follow their parents’examples
    C 、parents should know how to cultivate their kids’creativity
    D 、most parents teach their kids confidently and instructively
四、Word Spelling:(本题共20小题,共10.0分)
  1.暂停,中止 vi. p_______
  2.支撑,承受住 vt. S_______
  3.安装 vt i_______
  4.喷气式飞机 n. i_______
  5.立法 v. 1_______
  6.垄断;专卖 n. m_______
  7.想法,看法;概念 n. n_______
  8.显然的,明显的 a. o_______
  9.精确的,正确的 a. e_______
  10.犹豫 vi h_______
  11.发疯的;荒唐的 a. c_______
  12.捐赠,捐送 n. d_______
  13.地震 n. e_______
  14.灵活的,可变通的 a. f_______
  15.修订,修改 n. R_______
  16.呼喊,呼叫 v s_______
  17.密集度,稠密度 n. d_______
  18.竞争,比赛 n. c_______
  19.调整,调节 vt a_______
  20.预算 n. b_______
五、Word Form:(本题共10小题,每题1分,共10.0分)
  1.Their aim was to——(moderm)the health service,and they succeeded .
  2.She felt Very——(weaken)after long illness.
  3.When the play started,the children——(tell)to sit down quietly.
  4.We should take a——(globe)view of our business.
  5.It took her only five minutes to work out a_________(solve)to the difficult problem.
  6.The doctor advised him to eat a great(various)of food .
  7.This was one of the most——(fruit)debates of the conference.
  8.None of the applicants has any~(profession)job experience.
  9.Most computer users have never received any formal training;________(consequence),their skills are limited.
  10.Our new office building is_________(infinite)better than the old one.
六、Translation from Chinese into English:(本题共5小题,每题3分,共15.0分)
七、Translation from English into Chinese:(本题共1小题,共15.0分)
  1.Adults can teach children to handle money by helping them to follow a money management plan.First ,children should be taught ways to earn money.Baby—sitting,newspaper routes,or housework may be options.Then they should be shown how to save for something special.A plan can be developed that allows them to use a little of their money they earn for minor purchases,such as birthday cards and candy.The rest of the money they earn can be put in the bank.When there is enough, the child can purchase some big items,such as MP4,DVD players,ere.A money management plan taught early can help children spend money more wisely later in life.